GDD - Gnu Debugger Display

I started writing GDD when I was trying to debug some things in Freetrieve, and had difficulty keeping track of GDB. Well, as you can see from the screen prototypes, things got a little out of hand. Currently this software is not yet useful. My initial goals are to be able to perform the basic GDB functionality:

Eventually, I would like to incorporate support for other debuggers such as DBX and XDB.

Source Patch Date
0.0.2 0.0.2
0.0.1 0.0.1
0.0.0.g 0.0.0.g
0.0.0.f 0.0.0.f
0.0.0.e 0.0.0.e
0.0.0.d 0.0.0.d
0.0.0.c 0.0.0.c
0.0.0.b 0.0.0.b
0.0.0.a 0.0.0.a